Good Article About a Dumb Idea

I am a super-fan of 24fps filmmaking. For the life of me, I cannot understand why filmmakers such as Ang Lee and James Cameron keep trying to push higher frame rates on the viewing public. Or why high end television manufacturers sell screens with high frame rate turned on by default. (I don’t know how [...]

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Santa Cruz

Earlier this summer, Aaron and I traveled to Santa Cruz to capture some drone shots at golden hour. I brought along my Sigma fp and gimbal to film some 4K footage. I was also eager to try out the stereo microphone that I own to add to the verisimilitude of the scene. I made a [...]

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I’m Certifiably Certified!

Well, it took about six months, many emails, and a lot of phone calls with my advisor but I’ve finally received the three certificates in filmmaking that I’ve earned at CCSF. I’m especially proud of the Directing and Cinematography certificates. I have one final required class which I’m taking in the upcoming semester and I’ll [...]

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(2022) Here is a short film I made to test the capabilities of my new Sigma fp camera. I took my camera and my 28mm and 85mm Pentax lenses down to the San Francisco waterfront for a walk. I filmed whatever looked interesting with an eye toward testing the Sigma fp’s ability to capture color [...]

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Photo Center

(2022) A profile of the film photographer Rey Cayetano Jr. and the Harvey Milk Photo Center in San Francisco, California. As a lifelong lover of film photography, I was eager to capture the process in my documentary. I am fortunate that San Francisco Parks and Recreation Department provides the Harvey Milk Photo Center for San [...]

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Moon Man

For my advanced cinematography class, my film crew and I created and homage to the original science fiction film. [...]

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