(2022) Here is a short film I made to test the capabilities of my new Sigma fp camera. I took my camera and my 28mm and 85mm Pentax lenses down to the San Francisco waterfront for a walk. I filmed whatever looked interesting with an eye toward testing the Sigma fp’s ability to capture color [...]

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Photo Center

(2022) A profile of the film photographer Rey Cayetano Jr. and the Harvey Milk Photo Center in San Francisco, California. As a lifelong lover of film photography, I was eager to capture the process in my documentary. I am fortunate that San Francisco Parks and Recreation Department provides the Harvey Milk Photo Center for San [...]

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Moon Man

For my advanced cinematography class, my film crew and I created and homage to the original science fiction film. [...]

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(2018) Student film produced in 2018. A young musician is inspired by a muse. Written, directed, edited and filmed by David K. Anderson. Featuring Evan L. Anderson as the musician. Original music by Evan L. Anderson. [...]

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