Telescope View Animation (4K)

For our latest film, I created this After Effects animation to visualize the view the main character is seeing through his telescope. I used a photograph I took in 2013 of the cemetery at Mission Dolores (the same cemetery seen in Hitchcock’s Vertigo) and combined it with a stock photo image of the moon. In [...]

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American Melon

Using After Effects, I created a humorous “teaser” for a fictional show “American Melon”. I combined a photograph of my grandfather with a logo I created for the show in Illustrator… then added some cheesy music and narration. 🙂 [...]

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RF Chip

I used Blender to create this model of an RF chip for my client Akash Systems. The model shows a typical application of Akash Systems advanced GAN-on-diamond technology. (I also developed their web site, as well.) [...]

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USB Drive

This USB thumb drive is an example of solid modeling in Blender. I primarily used non-destructive modeling methods utilizing Blender modifiers. This was basically a learning exercise but creating the drive made me excited about other solid modeling projects using Blender. [...]

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