My Unsplash Page is Blowing Up! (Again!)

I posted some new photos on my Unsplash page this weekend. And, just like before, one of my photos ended up on the Unsplash home page. When that happens, my stats go through the roof! That photo nabbed a quarter of a million views in just one day!

The photo (shown above) was one I took on film years ago. At the time, I had a medicine cabinet with a mirror that would, when opened, create multiple reflections with another mirror that was attached to an adjacent wall. I took a photo of myself in the mirror taking a photo, taking a photo, taking a photo, ad infinitum. So, that was the genesis of the image.

Recently, I was going through my negative files and I found the photo among some others that I had taken during that period in my life. I had never enlarged or scanned it before so it was a bit like finding a long-lost gem. I scanned it, did a bit of tonal correction in Photoshop and posted the result to Unsplash.

I’m glad that others like the photo as much as I do.