American Melon

Using After Effects, I created a humorous “teaser” for a fictional show “American Melon”. I combined a photograph of my grandfather with a logo I created for the show in Illustrator… then added some cheesy music and narration. 🙂 [...]

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RF Chip

I used Blender to create this model of an RF chip for my client Akash Systems. The model shows a typical application of Akash Systems advanced GAN-on-diamond technology. (I also developed their web site, as well.) [...]

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USB Drive

This USB thumb drive is an example of solid modeling in Blender. I primarily used non-destructive modeling methods utilizing Blender modifiers. This was basically a learning exercise but creating the drive made me excited about other solid modeling projects using Blender. [...]

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An Introduction to Sage

After a fantastic experience of working with Warner Brothers Entertainment Group (WBEG) earlier this year, I’ve made some changes to my WordPress production process. Also, since that time, I’ve been investigating some potential new processes and tools and I’ll cover those findings in this post. At WBEG, we utilized Advanced Custom Fields extensively for the [...]

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Fed up with Unsplash

I finally got fed up with and their oppressive rules for submission. In retrospect, uploading my photos to the Unsplash site was a pretty bad idea; not only did I lose control of my work for the photos I submitted, but I never realized any gain from posting them on Unsplash. Not a single [...]

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My Current WordPress Process

I’ve been a WordPress developer for almost four years. In that time, I’ve experimented with multiple processes for WordPress design and development. My first WordPress project was to develop a new homepage for my then employer, Practice Fusion. The visual designer of that page wanted a lot of animated panels that needed to be mobile [...]

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