Month: July 2019

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Shot in Oakland!

Last week after visiting a friend in Richmond, I decided to bike down the Bay Trail to the West Oakland BART station to catch the train back across the Bay. This was my first ride on the Bay Trail so I was expecting a few surprises. Unfortunately, I WAS surprised …

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Storyboarding with Adobe CS and Blender

I’m currently working on a new storyboarding system for my film projects utilizing the Adobe Creative Suite and Blender (the open source 3D application.) The general workflow is as follows: 1. Create a character using Adobe’s Fuse application. 2. Export the character to Adobe’s Mixamo online application in .dae (Collada) …

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My Unsplash is Blowing Up!

Wow, what a week. Last weekend, I added a few photos to my Unsplash gallery as I have been doing lately. I didn’t think a lot about it until Tuesday when I received an email from Unsplash telling me that my uploaded photo was to be featured on the home …